1) N-COUNT A clip is a small device, usually made of metal or plastic, that is specially shaped for holding things together.

She took the clip out of her hair.

2) V-ERG When you clip things together, you fasten them together using a clip or clips.

[V n to/on n] He clipped his safety belt to a fitting on the deck...

[V n prep/adv] He clipped his cufflinks neatly in place.

[V to n] electronic pen which clips to the casing...

[V-ed] His flashlight was still clipped to his belt.

3) N-COUNT: oft n N, N from/of n A clip from a film or a radio or television programme is a short piece of it that is broadcast separately. historical film clip of Lenin speaking.

...a clip from the movie `Shane'.

4) VERB If you clip something, you cut small pieces from it, especially in order to shape it.

[V n] I saw an old man out clipping his hedge...

[V n] He had already clipped his hair close to the skull.

Clip is also a noun.

Give hedges a last clip.

5) VERB If you clip something out of a newspaper or magazine, you cut it out.

[V n from/out of n] Kids in his neighborhood clipped his picture from the newspaper and carried it around.

6) VERB If something clips something else, it hits it accidentally at an angle before moving off in a different direction.

[V n] The lorry clipped the rear of a tanker and then crashed into a second truck.

7) N-COUNT If you give someone a clip round the ear, you hit their head fairly lightly with the palm of your hand, usually as a punishment.

The boy was later given a clip round the ear by his father.

8) VERB If you clip a small amount off the time taken to do something, you reduce it by that amount.

[V amount off/from n] Boardman finished in 1hr 43mins, clipping 49 seconds from his own course record.

9) N-COUNT: oft n N An ammunition clip is a metal container on an automatic weapon which holds ammunition.
10) See also , clipped, , paper clip
11) PHRASE: PHR after v If something moves or happens at a fast clip, it moves or happens quickly. [INFORMAL]

They moved out from the airport at a brisk clip...

Studios are releasing movies at a fast clip.

12) to clip someone's wingssee wing

English dictionary. 2008.


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